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Govern the tea Protocol

The evolution of tea matters to TEA token holders—that’s why anyone with staked TEA delegates voting power to projects, giving them a louder voice to participate in governance of the tea Protocol.

The teaDAO exists to facilitate decentralized governance of tea. It’s the protocol for OSS—empowering tea users to shape the protocol’s destiny.
Empowered growth with teaDAO
Governance that's
democratic, and

Vote on a teaDAO proposal with delegated voting power

Review and voice your opinion on proposals posted for discussion in the teaDAO Forum.
Vote for or against formal proposals with the delegated voting power given to your registered projects when the community stakes TEA tokens to them.*
Watch how projects represent their stakers by voting on formal proposals, and see the communi'tea coming together to define the shape of the protocol.

*The TEA token does not represent ownership, or voting rights related to any tea entity and/or its affiliates.

Propose a change to the tea Protocol

Propose a change on the teaDAO Forum to gather informal feedback from tea community members.
Finalize your proposal and let community moderators know that it’s ready for a formal vote.
Watch as the tea community comes together to vote on your proposed change through projects with delegated voting power.
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